Adjusting your Grip Strength and its Effects in Golf

Grip Strength TweakThe way fingers are positioned on the actual grip of the club has an immense impact on the path the club will take around your body and ultimately the direction and flight of the golf ball. While its effects are often overlooked in favour of the swing proper, serious golfers should carefully position their hands on the grip of the club before each and every shot and treat that process as an integral part of the golf swing. Here are several of the grip tweaks available and their corresponding effects.

Should You Use a Long or a Short Left Thumb Grip?

Left Thumb TweakHow a golfer grasps the club with his left hand can vary in many ways. Indeed, the position relative to the center refers to the grip strength and can vary between weak, neutral and strong. But additionally, how the golfer actually places his left thumb irrespective of how far to the left or right can also vary. Indeed, you can either adopt a long thumb grip or a short thumb grip. Both are explained, as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

Palm-and-Finger Grip vs All-Fingers Grip – Comparison

Grip Inside Hand TweakIn relation to where the left thumb is positioned on the grip of the club, where the grip will reside inside the left hand can also vary. Indeed, a golf grip can be further characterized by how close the grip of the club lines up with the base of the fingers and with the palm of your hand. Both types of grips are explained.