Tweaks to Improve your Golf Game

This site provides information on the many different tweaks a golfer can make leading up to a golf shot. Every tweak and their ultimate effects on golf shots are throughly explained using beautiful illustrations and detailed notes. Deviations from the norm are grouped along those that occur during the setup, the swing, and the club selection.

Setup Tweaks

The following list of tweaks represent the adjustments that can be made while the golfer is setting up for a shot and while he is addressing the ball. Or in other words, they happen before the club starts moving back towards a golf shot.

Ball Position

Feet Position

Clubface Position

Grip Position


Weight Position


Swing Tweaks

The adjustments listed below are those that can be accomplished through variations from an otherwise normal swing.

Club Tweaks

The tweaks listed below concern those that can be made to the golf club itself. Indeed, careful club selection constitutes an essential component of the process that will lead you to hitting the shot you envisioned.